Do you like ramen? How about beautiful nature? Are you a fan of port towns and seaside views? Well, Fukuoka may just be the place for you! Located in the south of Japan, on the northern shores of Kyushu Island, Fukuoka is one of Japan’s 10 most populated cities. As a growing hub of activity on Kyushu, visitors will have no problem finding shopping, restaurants and entertainment. History buffs will love attractions like the 17th Century Castle ruins, Tocho-ji Temple and Hakata Machiya Folk Museum. Nature lovers will enjoy the stunning parks and gardens, as well as the beaches in the wider prefecture. In short, you’ll never run out of fun things to do in Fukuoka.

Ōhori Park Japanese Garden: Fukuoka’s Hidden Oasis

Ōhori Park Japanese Garden is tucked away in the western corner of Fukuoka city; an unlikely oasis among the skyscrapers.
Mountain views from Itoshima's Raizan Sennyoji Daihoin temple.

Raizan Sennyо̄ji Daihiо̄in: Exploring Itoshima’s ‘Thunder Mountain.’

Itoshima's 'Thunder Mountain' is home to Raizan Sennyо̄ji Daihiо̄in temple, a repository of artefacts sequestered among the cedars.

Fish and Tranquility? You’ve Never Been to Oshima!

The chances are high that you've never been to Fukuoka Prefecture's secluded island...
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Three Days in Fukuoka: Food Stalls, Islands and Hakata Ramen

One of Japan’s 10 most populated cities, Fukuoka is a bustling, vibrant place....

Sumiyoshi Shrine: Traditional Architecture and Powerful Sumo

Not far from Fukuoka’s Naka River, the Sumiyoshi Shrine sits as it has...