Visiting Japan and not sure what to do? Let us be your guide. Do you like food? You’re in luck. How about stunning nature? We’ve got it. History? Forget about it! In other words: there is no shortage of amazing things to do in Japan. Check out lively cities such as Tokyo and Osaka, or explore the temples and shrines of Kyoto or Nara. Chill out on the beaches of Okinawa or go hiking through the many mountains. Enjoy Michelin star food before heading to a ritzy cocktail bar for a nightcap. The articles below cover some of our favourite things to do in Japan, get exploring! 


Manshuin Monzeki: A Tale of Two Temples

Manshuin Monzeki Temple lies hidden in Kyoto's eastern hills, and is almost entirely overlooked by foreign tourists - solitude guaranteed!

Shо̄sei-en: Kyoto’s Secret Garden

Shо̄sei-en is a tranquil, rolling garden which lies hidden in the heart of Kyoto city. A paragon of good design, be sure not to miss it!

Nishi and Higashi Hongan-ji: East Meets West in Central Kyoto

Nishi and Higashi Hongan-ji are neighbour temples, hidden in plain sights in the middle of Kyoto city.

Sо̄seki Natsume’s House: Kumamoto’s Literary Heart

Hidden away in a quiet corner of Kumamoto city, beloved author Sо̄seki Natsume's former home retains its charming and peaceful atmosphere.

Chinzao: Taiwanese Tea House in Ine Village

Ine, the quaint fishing village in Kyōto’s northwest, is arguably one of the...

In Search of Treasure on the Jade Coast

If you’ve ever experienced the small thrill of finding a town or restaurant...

Hozugawa River Cruise: History, Nature, Rapids and Snacks

For a fun outdoorsy adventure in Kyoto, check out the Hozugawa River Cruise....
Concrete steps at 21_21 Design Sight

21_21 Design Sight: Tokyo’s Modernist Masterpiece

21_21 Design Sight is a modernist gallery in Tokyo featuring exhibitions on the themes of ecology, sustainability and design.

Exploring The Tokyo Sewerage Museum “Rainbow”

If you’re a fan of all things public works, the Tokyo Sewerage Museum...

Unleash your inner child at the Poop Museum Tokyo

From the outside, the Unko Museum Tokyo looks like a colourful knick-knack shop...

Art, Tranquility, and Synth-playing Monks at Otagi Nenbutsuji Temple

Kyoto’s beauty and charm cannot be denied. However, it has led to a...

Mizumoto Park: Tokyo’s Biggest and Best Place to See Irises

The northeastern reaches of Tokyo are home to the oft-overlooked Katsushika Ward, bordered...