Osaka! This port city on the main island of Honshu is Tokyo’s cheeky, party-loving little brother. It has a vibrant nightlife and great food scene all lit by plenty of neon. In the daytime, though, you can visit landmarks such as the picturesque Osaka Castle, Kuromon Market, or perhaps check out Universal Studios Japan. There are also plenty of interesting areas to explore, from the old-school Shinsekai to the ultra-hip America-mura. You could easily spend days wandering the hidden pockets of this city! Read on below for some of our favourite things about Osaka.  


Super Tamade! Osaka’s Balls-Out Supermarket Experience.

The first visit to any Japanese supermarket is always exciting. The abundance of...

Love Thy Neighborhood: The Complex History of Osaka’s Nishinari District

At night, from atop the vertiginous heights of the Abeno Harukas mega-tower, the...
shinsekai district osaka

Shinsekai District – An Osaka Walking Guide

Despite Tokyo being known for its blend of old and new Japan, Osaka...

A Complete Osaka Weekend Itinerary

Osaka is a vast, vivid, and vibrant city. Home to Japan’s comedy scene,...

Ikana-akan! Osaka’s Unmissable Tenjin Matsuri.

Since time immemorial, Japanese sensibility has lionised the transient events in life. Soon...

Front Row Seats For Neon: A Dotonbori River Cruise

In 1612, an Osakan man by the name of Yasui Doton began work...

Dining in Dotonbori: Osaka’s Lively Entertainment District

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Daruma at Katsuō-ji

Daru-madness at О̄saka’s Katsuōji Temple.

Thousands of 'used' Daruma? Welcome to the mountain...
Den Den Town Osaka on Velvia 100

Back to the Futurism: It’s still the 1990’s in Osaka’s Den Den Town.

While many people will recognise Akihabara as Tokyo's centre for all things 'otaku', Osaka harbours its own, lesser-known tech-geek paradise. With its home-grown and grassroots atmosphere, Den Den Town is the embodiment of the best of the Dirty South.