Mt. Fuji ©︎ Makoto Murasawa


Picture rolling hectares of tea crops, vast lakes shimmering in the sun and rivers rushing to the ocean. Next, picture stretching and dramatic coastlines as well as jaw dropping views of Mount Fuji. This is Shizuoka Prefecture. It’s hard to believe this nature-lover’s paradise is only an hour from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. Historically, Shizuoka City (the prefecture’s capital) has deep roots in Shogunate Japan. Even today, echoes of samurai culture and the ruling Tokugawa Clan still remain in the town’s historic buildings and gardens. Shizuoka makes for a great day trip (or longer trip) while you’re visiting Tokyo. To help you get around, check out some of our favourite things to do in Shizuoka.


Capybara Onsen: The Izu Shaboten Zoo

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Serene Gardens, Exquisite Kaiseki and Feudal History at Fugetsuro, Shizuoka

Ah, Shizuoka. Rolling hectares of tea crops, vast lakes, rushing rivers, stretching coastlines...
kashi no ichi fish market tuna bowl-12

All-You-Can-Eat Tuna Bowl at Kashi no Ichi Fish Market

Tuna, or ‘maguro’ in Japanese, is a heavyweight of the sushi and sashimi...

Mount Omuro: Volcanic Archery and the Fiery Yamayaki Festival

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The Jogasaki Coast: Hiking through Volcanic Cliffs and Quiet Capes

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