Looking to participate in some Japanese cultural activities? We’ve got you covered. As many know, Japan is fiercely proud of its long and rich history. This means visitors can experience the unique culture up close and personal. From tea ceremonies in Kyoto to a show at Tokyo’s Kabuki-za Theatre, there are so many Japanese cultural activities to choose from. On the other hand, perhaps you’re an arty type. Or even a movie buff? Well, you’re in luck. There are countless wonderful galleries, museums and cinemas in Tokyo and beyond to pique your interest. In short, no matter where you visit, there will be plenty of cultural things to do in Japan.

Sо̄seki Natsume’s House: Kumamoto’s Literary Heart

Hidden away in a quiet corner of Kumamoto city, beloved author Sо̄seki Natsume's former home retains its charming and peaceful atmosphere.

Head to the Coast of Toyama to try Tara-jiru 

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Sakura Jingu Shrine: Pretty in Pink Cherry Blossoms and Ribbons

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Off the Beaten Path: Reasons to Visit the Okitama Region

For fewer tourists and more local adventures, head to southern Yamagata

Nanzen-ji: Heart of the Five Mountains.

'Temple Fatigue' is one of the most common afflictions affecting foreign visitors to...