Ueno Park


Looking for some “old-fashioned Japan”? Or perhaps a relaxing day in the park? Time to check out Ueno. Without doubt, its most popular (and largest) attraction is Ueno Park. Inside you’ll find beautiful shrines and temples, as well as a number of large museums and even a Zoo. In the springtime, Ueno Park is a go-to spot for cherry blossom viewing. Nearby, you’ll find the Ameya-Yokochō Market which was one of the largest black markets after World War II. These days, it remains a vibrant open air shopping hub which retains a bit of Tokyo’s mid-20th century atmosphere. While you’re in the area, take the opportunity to visit the nearby areas of Yanaka and Asakusa, both have a similar old-fashioned feel. There’s a lot to see, so for the lowdown on the best things to do in Ueno, check out the articles below.


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Ueno Park

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