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The Nagamachi District: Home of Kanazawa’s Samurai

History has been kind to Kanazawa. Incredibly, the city survived countless fires over time as well as bombings during World War II. As a result, traveling here gives visitors the opportunity to see well preserved historic neighborhoods. One of these, the Nagamachi...

21st Century Museum: Modern Art in a Historic City

The city of Kanazawa has many things to see, including idyllic, historic neighborhoods and traditional arts and crafts. A surprising sight is the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art. For a dose of modern culture while here, a visit to the playful...

The D.T. Suzuki Museum: Feeling Zen in Kanazawa

Although Kanazawa is one of Japan’s smaller cities, it still has plenty of sights to see. While there, take a break out of your busy itinerary to get zen while learning about Zen Buddhism at the modest but tranquil D.T. Suzuki Museum.