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Sо̄seki Natsume’s House: Kumamoto’s Literary Heart

Hidden away in a quiet corner of Kumamoto city, beloved author Sо̄seki Natsume's former home retains its charming and peaceful atmosphere.

Why Yanaka ‘Cat Town’ Is THE Place For Cat Lovers in Tokyo

If you’re coming to Tokyo and worry you’ll miss your furry friend, make sure you plan a day trip to Yanaka! Affectionately known as “Cat Town”, this shitamachi (or downtown) neighbourhood is full of all the cat...

A Day Trip to Ainoshima: Fukuoka’s Cat Island

Peaceful scenes on the cat island If you’re even a little bit of a cat person, it will interest you to know that Japan has a number of ‘cat islands’ off its coasts. Over time, the number of...