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Higashibaba: An Exceptional Guest House on Mt. Mitake

If you’re looking for a mountain getaway not far from Tokyo, the venerable Mt. Mitake is a perfect choice. While most of the visitors to this wooded paradise come for hiking and outdoor activities, Mitakesan has long been on the map as...

Mt. Mitake: A One-Day Itinerary for Nature and Serenity

When the excitement of Tokyo has gotten to be too much, head to the mountains to recharge in nature. My favorite mountain is Mt. Mitake, close enough to be accessed during a day trip from Tokyo yet still feeling worlds away. Originally...

Visiting Hidaka (Japan’s Secret Korea) and Hiking the Mt. Hiwada, Mt. Takasashi, and Mt. Monomi Trail

This tranquil waterwheel is in Hidaka's Kinchaku field. The red spider lily festival is held in the area.
It was time to get my hike on. A whirlwind of days in Tokyo had left me with a string of treasured memories, as well as a very full stomach. However, it had also left me with an urge to fling myself...