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Ancient Art and Tranquil Gardens at Nezu Museum

The Japanese aesthetic is the sum of many parts, each wonderful in their own right. Ancient history, traditional art forms, architecture, design and landscaped gardens. These things may not immediately come to mind when you think of Tokyo, but there are plenty...

Kawai Kanjiro’s House: Joy Found in All of Life

At the entrance to Kawai Kanjiro's House
One of the most underrated places in Kyoto must surely be the Kawai Kanjiro Memorial Museum—or more simply, Kawai Kanjiro’s House. Kawai Kanjiro was a legendary potter, writer, artist, and key figure in the mingei or folk...

Check out Asahiyaki: Hidden Gem Pottery Class in Kyoto

As I stared over the Asahiyaki instructor’s shoulder during the pottery wheel demonstration, I thought of that scene from Ghost. You know the one; the one every potter secretly prays won’t be mentioned as they don their apron each day. The one...