Green fields of tea ー almost ready to be harvested ー extend out across the mountain at an altitude of 350 meters. Seat yourself on a wooden terrace built right into the middle of the Shizuoka tea field, and enjoy your own monopoly on the view of fresh greenery that spreads out below.      

The “Tea Room in the Sky” (Houkouen) is on a terrace overhanging the steep slopes of the tea fields in Shizuoka City’s Shimizu ward. It’s a popular spot for visitors where, depending on the season and weather, you can see Mt. Fuji or a sea of clouds.  

It is one of the Cha no Ma (Tea Rooms) offered at six green tea plantations in Shizuoka Prefecture as an experiential attraction for tourists. The program lets you enjoy green tea carefully selected from tea leaves harvested from the fields right in front of you.

Enjoying tea at one of the green tea fields of Shizuoka
Enjoying tea at one of the green tea fields of Shizuoka

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Name: Cha no Ma, private terrace in the green tea fields of Shizuoka
Location: Shizuoka Prefecture

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