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Prime Chicken and Flaming Charcoal at Ganchan Roppongi

Yakitori has to be one of my favourite meals in Japan. It’s an honest, down-home style of cooking that involves skewering meats and vegetables and grilling them over charcoal until they are lightly charred and delightfully smoky. It’s so simple yet always...

The restaurant that inspired Quentin Tarantino: Gonpachi Nishi Azabu

Cinephiles coming to Tokyo could definitely put together a movie-based pilgrimage trip. Movie-themed amusement parks aside, there is plenty of Godzilla history, not to mention filming locations from countless Hollywood movies. One such place that never fails to please a crowd is...

Da Yo Ne is A Great Little Tea Rice Bar in Roppongi

Few dishes are more comforting on a cold, rainy day than the humble ochazuke, or “tea rice.” It’s a dish anyone can make at home, but eating it at a specialty ochazuke restaurant or bar is an experience. You have a far...