Looking for the most traditional experiences in Japan? We know of one you can do in your sleep. Why not stay in a traditional Japanese Ryokan (Inn) or Minshuku (bed and breakfast)?

The Ryokan style of accommodation typically features a private Japanese tatami room as well as shared bathrooms and communal areas. The sleeping quarters are usually traditionally and tastefully styled. And at night, the staff will lay out futons for you. You’re also encouraged to don the yukata (cotton robe) which you can wear around the building. There is certainly nothing like it elsewhere; it’s a must-do on any Japan trip.

A Minshuku, or Japanese bed & breakfast, is a family run guest house that is typically found in rural areas or near tourist spots like hot springs. Home cooked meals are usually part of the arrangement as is a whole lot of down-home hospitality. These offer a closer look at everyday Japan and a chance to connect with the locals.

So whether you’re traveling in Kyoto, Tokyo or beyond, we’ve got you covered. Read on for the best ryokan and minshuku in Japan.

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