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Tokyo Sake Bar in Ebisu: Frozen Sake Bar Buri

Head west of Ebisu Station into the backstreets behind Komazawa-dori and you’ll come across a low-lit Tokyo sake bar. Though the menu at Buri offers beer, wine and spirits, most come because it’s a great place to...

Enter the Belly of the Kawaii (Cute) Beast: Harajuku’s Kawaii Monster Café

Lights, camera, monsters? Delve into the belly of the beast (a cute beast that is) at Kawaii Monster café in Harajuku Tokyo. Whilst going about your day, you, unfortunate café-goer, have been swallowed whole by Mr. Ten Thousand Chopsticks, a kawaii (cute)...

Motsuyaki Ban, Tokyo’s original Lemon Sour Bar

motsuyaki ban yutenji lemon sour bar
We head to the birthplace of the Lemon Sour, ‘Motsuyaki Ban’  The Lemon Sour, a staple of drink menus all across Japan. A little soda, simple syrup, lemon and shochu (a Japanese distilled spirit) go a long way to form a sour yet refreshing beverage...