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Harajuku LUSH: Eye Candy and Exclusive Products

For a nation that adores bathing and kawaii things so much, it’s no surprise LUSH has taken off in Japan. (Just don’t try to drop one of these sparkly bath bombs into the public onsen—they’re strictly for home use!) With over 80...

Enter a Magical Wonderland at the Shibuya Disney Store

For Disney fans, a visit to Japan is a no brainer. There’s Tokyo Disneyland, the unique Tokyo DisneySea and more kawaii (cute) merchandise than you could ever hope to carry home. If you’re in the mood for a little shopping, or want...

Gearing Up at the Final Fantasy XIV-Themed Eorzea Cafe in Akihabara

Calling all adventurers! The realm of Eorzea is in dire need of your service. However, as any adventurer worth their salt knows, you should never leave on an empty stomach, or with an empty pack. Stop by the Final Fantasy XIV-themed Cafe...