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Shо̄sei-en: Kyoto’s Secret Garden

Shо̄sei-en is a tranquil, rolling garden which lies hidden in the heart of Kyoto city. A paragon of good design, be sure not to miss it!

Nishi and Higashi Hongan-ji: East Meets West in Central Kyoto

Nishi and Higashi Hongan-ji are neighbour temples, hidden in plain sights in the middle of Kyoto city.

Zuiganzan Enkoji Temple: Moss, Maples, Modernism

Zuiganzan Enkoji is a traditional Buddhist temple with a modern twist, hidden in Kyoto's eastern Higashiyama hills.

Ōhori Park Japanese Garden: Fukuoka’s Hidden Oasis

Ōhori Park Japanese Garden is tucked away in the western corner of Fukuoka city; an unlikely oasis among the skyscrapers.

Mizumoto Park: Tokyo’s Biggest and Best Place to See Irises

The northeastern reaches of Tokyo are home to the oft-overlooked Katsushika Ward, bordered by the Edo and Ara Rivers and dissected by the Oba and Naka Rivers. This abundance of water blesses Katsushika with pretty fertile ground — perfect for growing irises...

Suizenji Garden: Where the Art of War and Culture Resonate with One Another

One of Japan’s most renowned landscapes, Kumamoto’s Suizenji Garden is a stunning representation of engineering wisdom gained from wars and the artistic culture of the Edo era. Suizen-ji Jōjuen (Suizenji Garden) in Kumamoto City...

Aizuwakamatsu: An Overnight Stay in the Samurai City

The name Fukushima still carries negative associations after the tragic nuclear disaster in 2011. Ten years on and tourism is still rather low in this area. Smart, socially-conscious travelers would do well to take advantage of this and enjoy the area with...

Serenity A Stone’s Throw Away At Tokyo’s Kiyosumi Gardens

There's no shortage of beautiful parks and green spaces in Tokyo. So, to ensure you make the most of your time in the capital, we’d recommend you start by visiting one of the Metropolitan Cultural Heritage Gardens. These nine locations each have...

Ancient Art and Tranquil Gardens at Nezu Museum

The Japanese aesthetic is the sum of many parts, each wonderful in their own right. Ancient history, traditional art forms, architecture, design and landscaped gardens. These things may not immediately come to mind when you think of Tokyo, but there are plenty...

5-star Luxury in a Historic Oasis: Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

When it comes to accommodation in Tokyo, it’s important to find a place that is truly restorative and relaxing; busy cities and busy schedules can take a toll on even the most seasoned traveller. Lucky for you, we know just the place....