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Unique Foods in Japan – A Guide

Unique Foods in Japan
Japanese cuisine is varied and offers a wide range of dishes whatever your personal tastes may be; some dishes even draw on those we’re familiar with in other countries. However, there are some truly unique foods in Japan that are considered rare...

Japanese Hot Pot Guide – Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu

shabu shabu nabe sukiyaki
Many types of nabemono 鍋物 or hot pot dishes exist as part of Japanese cuisine and nabe is one of the most pleasant ways to eat with a group of friends or family. The ingredients can be as unrestrictive as yosenabe, a...

Japanese Table Manners: A Full Guide

Dining Sushi in Japan
Table manners vary between all countries across the world. Even nations that are culturally similar, like the UK and US, have different attitudes when it comes to what flies during meal times. This means that, as travellers, we’re always learning and maybe...

Sara Udon: Nagasaki’s OTHER Famous Regional Dish

When it comes to regional dishes of Nagasaki, Champon wins the popularity contest hands down. It seems to have made the biggest impact nationally, in any case; you can find noodle cup and convenience store versions all over Japan. Coming in a...