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Omicho Market, Where Kanazawa Does Its Shopping

Omicho Market, also known as “Kanazawa’s Kitchen”, has been feeding the city as far back as the Edo Period. Locals, chefs, and tourists alike all flock to the covered alleyways of this fish market in the morning for fresh seafood straight from...

Mori Mori Sushi: Classy Kaitenzushi in Kanazawa

After living in Kanazawa for two years, I have become picky when it comes to sushi. Yes, you can have great sushi in Tokyo, but in my opinion the best fish is from the Sea of Japan. At Mori Mori Sushi, a...

Stunning Izakaya Food at Fuwari in Kanazawa

If you’re looking for a special but affordable dinner in Kanazawa, a great place to head to is Fuwari. This upscale izakaya located on a quiet backstreet near Omicho Market is a favourite with locals and tourists alike for their stunning food....