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Nojiri Loop Course: 15km Loop Around A Glacial Lake

The summer haven of Lake Nojiri resides in the deepest corners of hearts and souls around the globe. Though if you’ve never heard of it, we’re not surprised. This ancient glacial lake in Nagano’s Myoko Togakushi Renzan...

Uga Shrine: A Power Spot Island On Lake Nojiri

Biwa Island sits just out of reach of Lake Nojiri’s western shoreline. Scanning the landscape, this tree-topped mound would fade into the background if not for the striking red torii gate demarking its entrance. The gate identifies...

Kayaking in Japan: Nagano’s Serene Otaki Village

Nagano’s Kiso Valley, with its wooded hills and pristine waters, is the perfect nature escape. From my base in Kiso-Fukushima, I had already explored the charming town, hiked the ancient Nakasendo trail and visited the Akasawa Natural Recreational Forest. Keen to spend...