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Enryaku-ji Temple: Mt Hiei’s Hidden Wonder

Enryaku-ji is a mountain temple hidden plain sight! Deep in the cedar forests of Mount Hiei, it's a place to enjoy nature and tranquility.

Raizan Sennyо̄ji Daihiо̄in: Exploring Itoshima’s ‘Thunder Mountain.’

Itoshima's 'Thunder Mountain' is home to Raizan Sennyо̄ji Daihiо̄in temple, a repository of artefacts sequestered among the cedars.

Daihikaku Senkoji: The Best Views in Arashiyama!

It won't surprise anybody to learn that Kyoto is becoming the centre of tourist activity in Japan. Kyoto is a small, safe and affordable city, with more culture per square mile than anyone can handle in a one-week visit. However, the well-received...

Daru-madness at О̄saka’s Katsuōji Temple.

Daruma at Katsuō-ji
Thousands of 'used' Daruma? Welcome to the mountain temple of Katsuō-ji. One could say with confidence that the temple of Katsuō-ji could be classed as an 'under the radar' type of location. When people...