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Hana wa Saku in Nakano Serves A Mean Bowl of Udon

Hana wa Saku's signature dish
One of our favourite areas in the metropolis to hang out and eat in is Nakano, a suburb just a few minutes west of Shinjuku on the train. It might look pretty residential, but don’t judge by appearances. It’s home to some...

Soup Curry in Tokyo: Where and Why You Should Eat It

If you like soup and if you love curry, you’ll be head-over-heels for the fanciful amalgamation of the two—soup curry. Japan loves the complexly spiced dish. Japanese curry, however, is quite different from the other curries of...

For Fabulous Shoyu Ramen, Head to Junteuchi Daruma

Junteuchi Daruma's shoyu ramen is beautiful to behold.
Whether it’s tonkotsu, salt, or miso, you’ll find all kinds of ramen in Tokyo. It is, after all, the capital city of Japan! But if this city has a signature style of noodles, it’s shoyu ramen. One of our new favorite shoyu...