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Zenkoji Temple, The Heart and Soul of Nagano City

Japan, like many other countries, has its own indigenous nature-based religion: Shinto. These prehistoric practices involve worshipping the kami who inhabit trees, waterfalls, mountains, objects and even ancestors. While Shinto served Japan well for a very long...

Exploring the Oldest Shrine in Japan: Ujigami Shrine

Uji-gami Shrine is a Shinto shrine located in the Kyoto city of Uji. Originally built as a guardian shrine for the nearby Byodoin, it is now quite remarkable in its own right. Dendrochronological studies of the wood have determined that Ujigami Jinja...

The Star of Nikko’s Countless Shrines: Nikko Toshogu Shrine

Take a wrong turn in Japan, and you’ll stumble onto a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The sheer amount of protected cultural history in Japan can be overwhelming, especially if you come from a relatively new country like me. (Happy early 153rd birthday,...