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Gomaya Kuki – World’s Richest Black Sesame Ice Cream?

If you have a sweet tooth and you’re visiting Japan, green tea-flavoured desserts are probably on your culinary bucket list. But you’d be missing out if you didn’t leave some stomach space the world’s richest black sesame ice cream from Gomaya Kuki!...

Kurogi’s Killer Kinako Kakigori – A Shaved Ice Dessert to Die For

Kinako kakigori at Kurogi
Kinako, or roasted soybean flour, might be a difficult sell if you’ve never tried it before. It doesn’t sound all that appetizing to the uninitiated. But imagine a deep, roasted, nutty flavour reminiscent of peanuts. You might even detect caramel undertones. Ground...

Kooriya Peace in Kichijoji Serves Gorgeous Shaved Ice Creations Almost Too Beautiful to Eat

Tokyo has no shortage of great shaved ice (kakigori), but even with all the stiff competition, Kooriya Peace in Kichijoji is well worth the fuss. This tiny little shop has just 8 counter seats and a devoted legion of fans. Count us...