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Things to do in Yunomine Onsen

Yunomine Onsen in Wakayama Prefecture Japan, like other countries located in the ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’, is volcanically active and prone to numerous earthquakes. The four tectonic plates underneath this island nation cause daily tremors and are responsible...

Teahouse Remains and Sweeping Views: Day 4 of the Kumano Kodo Nakahechi Route

japan-wakayama-kumanokodo-pilgrimage-trail-walk-nakahechi-day4-hongu-Kogumotori-goe-Ukegawa to Koguchi
Although the pilgrimage was technically complete at Hongu, we wanted the sense of accomplishment from hiking coast to coast. Therefore, we and two bus loads of hikers packed ourselves into a local bus from Yunomine Onsen to the Ukegawa Trailhead where we...