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All You Can Eat Candy at Tokyo’s Dagashi Bars

When visitors think of old school Japan, they no doubt picture kimono-clad geisha and rickshaws whizzing down cobbled alleys. This definitely has its place in history, but there are so many different eras in Japan’s past. The Showa period, for example, which...

Cook your own dinner at Sakura Tei Okonomiyaki

The artistic interior of Harajuku Okonomiyaki purveyors 'Sakura Tei'. Okonomiyaki. A tongue-tying savoury pancake that has bewitched many a diner over the years with its wonderful mix of flavours. (It’s pronounced kinda like ‘okko-nommy-yukky’ by the way)....

Get Your Fill at Tokyo’s All-You-Can-Eat Restaurants

If you arrive in Tokyo with a big appetite, you should have every opportunity to get your fill at any number of restaurants across the city. However, if your appetite is insatiable, you might need to take it up a notch. Fortunately,...