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Exploring Yokohama’s Minato Mirai: All aboard the Nippon Maru

Yokohama has a history rooted in and floating upon the seas. A small fishing village until the late 1800’s, it is a place of many firsts for Japan; the first port, newspaper, gas-street lamps and railway all originated right here. These days,...

Takachiho Gorge: Rowing through Southern Japan

An hour and a half from Kumamoto, the Takachiho Gorge cuts deep through Southern Kyushuu. Shifting volcanic basalt formed the striated gorge aeons ago, causing early visitors to drawn comparisons with the scales of a dragon. A trip to the gorge allows...

Avast Ye! Climb aboard Hakone’s Pirate Ships (a.k.a the Hakone Sightseeing Cruise)

Be ye brave enough to sail Japanese waters? Until One Piece, pirates and Japan were two words that rarely went together. However, to everyone’s delight, the Hakone Sightseeing Cruise has found another way to merge them together. Let's give them a round...

The Okinawa Ferry Voyage: Tokyo to Okinawa Day 14

The top deck was the only escape from the sometimes claustrophobic space below decks.
This is the last day of our trip from Tokyo to Okinawa, but the journey doesn’t stop with the Okinawa ferry. To keep up with the last portion of our trip, checkout the Okinawa Without a Car series here.