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A Mystical Sea of Clouds in Tokyo’s Historic Chinzanso Garden

If you venture out of the cities, you’ll find that Japan is a land of stunning scenery; jagged coastlines, ancient forests, white beaches and undulating mountain ranges. In some of these mountainous zones, a natural phenomenon can occur known as “unkai”, or...

Radio Taiso At Nezu Shrine And An Early Morning Walk

“Ohayōgozaimasu!” says the man stretching beside his portable radio. Its tinny sound reminds me of hanging around my grandparent’s garage, except I can’t quite make out what’s being said. The man is decked out completely in white, from his floppy hat down...

A Cultural Heritage Park in Tokyo – Rikugien Garden of Waka poetry

Rikugien Garden is a Cultural Heritage Park in Tokyo.
Beautiful Parks in Tokyo Many people say Tokyo is crowded; true depending on where you go. Sometimes a peaceful garden is in order to escape the crowds. Of Tokyo's beautiful parks, Yoyogi Park, Shinjuku-Gyoen...