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Japanese Manhole Covers: Where Street Meets Art

Tokyo design When a friend makes their debut visit to Japan, I tell them to travel slowly and look in every direction as there’s always more going on than first meets the eye. The narrow buildings are so...

Noren, No Life: An Everyday Element of Japanese Culture

Cute fish noren at a restaurant
If you’ve spent any length of time in Japan, you’ll notice many doors with large rectangular pieces of fabric hanging in front of them. Some are colourful and some aren’t. Some have Japanese characters or words written on them, while others simply...

The Fruit-Shaped Bus Stops of Your Dreams are in Konagai

Japan does a great job of incorporating cute and creative design elements into everyday life. Just think of their manholes, or those adorable construction barriers by the roadside! One of our favourite Japan-only structures, though, are the fruit-shaped bus stops in Konagai.