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Electronic Stores in Tokyo: Bic Camera and Beyond

The neon-lit corridors of Tokyo’s electronic stores can be just as daunting as they are enticing. Floor after floor of smartphones, home goods, and toys beckon to prospective buyers. However, there are tricks to getting the most of your shopping experience. If...

Ikebukuro Tour: Sunshine City and Beyond

Ikebukuro Parco
Of all the major transit and shopping hubs in Tokyo, Ikebukuro seems to get the least attention. While Shibuya is famous for its youthful vibe, and Shinjuku is renowned for its winding neon-lit streets, Ikebukuro seems a bit more ambiguous. However, visitors...

Akihabara to Ueno Part 1 – An Akihabara Trek

The main street in Akihabara
The districts of Akihabara and Ueno sit next to one another and offer two very different views of Tokyo culture. With high-tech gadgets and bright anime mascots, Akihabara is a geeky paradise. Ueno, on the other hand, is full of museums, temples,...