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Gallivanting around Ginza – A Tour Through Old Tokyo Part 1

Many people come to Tokyo for the bright lights of Shibuya and Shinjuku. The hustle and bustle, shopping, and spectacle of Tokyo’s primary transit hubs are an excellent introduction to the city. Historically, however, many of Tokyo’s dense urban areas were not...

Where to Catch Tokyo’s Food Trucks: Lunch at the International Forum

I'd committed the cardinal sin of time-strapped travellers everywhere: I'd slept in. And in the resulting mad dash to leave my hotel room, I’d skipped breakfast. Not a good start. However, my plans for the day had brought me into the heart...

Kabuki Single Act Tickets at Kabukiza Theatre, Tokyo

Heading to Tokyo and looking for something traditional to do? The Single Act Tickets at 'Kabukiza', the premier Kabuki theatre in Tokyo, may just be for you. A brief history of Kabuki...