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A $500 Sandwich At Nakameguro’s Wagyu Mafia

In Tokyo, you can totally get by eating on a dime. But when there’s so much high quality and Michelin food all around, it’s tempting to splurge every now and again. Before you freak out, no I didn’t pay $500 for a...

Stupendous Wood-Fired Pizza at da ISA in Nakameguro

Close-up of da ISA pizza
Japanese pizza is notoriously ‘weird’—as many disgruntled expats might like to complain. Putting mayonnaise and corn on pizza certainly falls under ‘unorthodox’ in our book, to put it mildly! However, Tokyo is home to many an excellent pizzeria. Thanks to the national...

Nakameguro Tour – A Taste of Trendiness

If you’re looking to get a taste of cozy bistros and trendy cafés, think about making a trip to Nakameguro. The residential area, a short trip from Shibuya, can be reached on the Toyoko and Hibiya lines. The area along the Meguro...