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Toyokuni Shrine: The Pagoda, The Preservation and the Provenance

From the moment you sail in, to the final wistful glance back, Miyajima is all about the visual wonders. I know the internal dialogue during my first visit went something like: ‘Ooh, look at those mountains! A torii gate in the sea?!...

Half-day Kyoto Walking Tour Part 2: Kodaiji Temple to Kiyomizudera

This Kyoto walking tour brings you from the Kodaiji complex to Kiyomizudera. An extension of the Gion walking tour, the two can be combined and even completed in reverse. If you are following on from the previous tour, we continue our journey...

Visiting Nachisan and Kumano Nachi Taisha

While there are many religions in Japan, the two main contenders are Shintoism and Buddhism. Shintoism is Japan's indigenous religion which involves worshipping elements of nature, such as mountains and waterfalls. Followers have travelled around on spiritual...