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Kyoto After Dark: An Evening Stroll through Pontocho and Gion

Kyoto is the gently lit canal to Tokyo’s fit-inducing neon—part of its charm for many. As such, once the sun goes down and the monks close the temple gates, many visitors are left wondering what’s next. If you still have energy for...

Delicious Yakiniku at Hiro Beef, Pontocho

The Pontocho area is one of Kyoto’s go-to spots for food, drink and a dose of traditional Japanese aesthetic. Wander along the gently lit alleyways far enough and you’ll come across the charming Hiro Pontocho yakiniku restaurant. If you’re in the mood...

Beat The Heat With These Three Kawadoko River Dining Spots in Kyoto

Summers in Kyoto can be surprisingly hot and humid. Luckily, the pragmatic ancient locals realised long ago that the river's surface, with its lower air temperature and higher velocity breeze, had serious cooling potential. With a little ingenuity, kawadoko river dining came...