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Watch the Forest Fireflies of Ishigaki Declare Their Summer Love

Every year in Japan, as the spring season fades and the temperature starts to rise, something magical happens. The conditions have to be almost perfect, the stage set and the mood just right. Then, the fireflies light up the night to find...

Feel the Summer Breeze with Hyogo’s Decorative Ornamental Ferns

Come the first spurt of hot sunshine and 30-degree-Celsius weather, you will unmistakably start seeing tsurishinobu, a type of ornamental hanging fern bought in the summer period (June into July). A craft believed to...

Japan’s Rainy Season is Perfect for Hydrangea Hunting

Many people think of tsuyu, or the rainy season, as one of the worst times to visit Japan. It’s muggy, wet, and all your outdoor plans are usually put on hold. But the rains also mark the beginning of hydrangea season. Cherry...