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City Strolling: Meandering to Uji Shrine

Uji City isn't exactly 'unknown' - however, this mini-city retains a quiet charm that’s becoming increasingly hard to find in modern Japan.

What are Jinja? Places of Worship Infused with Nature’s Energy

Japanese regard the sea, the mountains, the forest, and natural landmarks as places where the kami reside. In ancient times, these were regarded as sacred places, without the need for special buildings, as the kami were believed to exist everywhere. Later, dwellings...

Oyama Jinja, a Unique Shinto Shrine in Kanazawa

In a land filled with shrines, Kanazawa’s Oyama Jinja still manages to stand out. This jumble of a shinto shrine is striking to look at, and also represents some of the city’s pivotal Maeda history.