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Things To See And Do In Nozawa Onsen (That Don’t Involve Snow!)

Nestled deep in the beech covered folds of northern Nagano prefecture, Nozawa Onsen is a picturesque village, home to 4,000 people. Sitting at the foot of Mount Kenashi, it comes alive in winter with one of the...

One of Japan’s Best Night Views in Nagasaki: Mount Inasa Observatory

Known as the place to see one of Japan’s three best night views, the Mount Inasa Observatory should feature on any Nagasaki itinerary. Often accessed by the Nagasaki Ropeway, it’s a relatively short journey to see a...

Tokyo Zoos: A Guide to Tokyo’s Wild Side

Amidst the towering skyscrapers of downtown Tokyo and the low grey concrete of the suburbs, it can be easy to lose touch with nature. Though there are more than a handful of world-class parks, Tokyo isn’t typically famous for its green space....