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Yanaka Beer Hall: Craft Beer In A Traditional Setting

With its bustling Ginza shopping street, veteran shopkeepers, winding backstreets and well-preserved architecture, Yanaka is one of the best places to experience the Tokyo of yesteryear. All over the neighbourhood, you can catch glimpses of Showa-era (1926...

Ditch the Debauchery and do New Years Eve Like a Local in Japan

Japanese New Year, or shogatsu, is the most important date on the calendar. Though it’s celebrated on December 31st, it is markedly different to the traditions seen throughout much of the world. Swap champagne for soba, midnight kisses for Buddhist bell tolls...

Join in the Japanese tradition of eating KFC for Christmas

For those who celebrate Christmas, you’ll know food plays a big role in the festive season. It’s juicy meats, crunchy roast potatoes, veggies, biscuits, yams and lashings of gravy. In Australia, if it’s too hot to cook inside, we might fire up...