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Tsukiji Market Trek – A Tour Through Old Tokyo Part 2

Outside of Old Tsukiji Market
After leaving Ginza on your way south, the luxury of early 20th century Tokyo begins to fade to a more workaday landscape. While this part of the city might not have the flash of Ginza, however, it would be wrong to assume...

Backpacking Through Japan – An Overview

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In the spring of 2019, my fiancée and I spent three weeks backpacking from Tokyo to Okinawa. Traveling over 2000 kilometers using a mix of almost two dozen local trains, five buses, and one boat, we managed to traverse more than half...

The Okinawa Ferry Voyage: Tokyo to Okinawa Day 14

The top deck was the only escape from the sometimes claustrophobic space below decks.
This is the last day of our trip from Tokyo to Okinawa, but the journey doesn’t stop with the Okinawa ferry. To keep up with the last portion of our trip, checkout the Okinawa Without a Car series here.