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Gluten-Free in Tokyo: Everything You Need to Know

Visiting new places with an allergy can be hard. However, knowing what you can eat before you go, as well as what ingredients to watch out for, is an important step towards having a safe trip. Also, having a few restaurants, cafes,...

Matsuya, The Blue And Yellow Beef Bowl Place

When you first come to Japan, either as a tourist or a new resident, there are so many things you miss out on or you simply don’t notice. One of these things are the fast food and chain restaurants of Japan. Another...

Join in the Japanese tradition of eating KFC for Christmas

For those who celebrate Christmas, you’ll know food plays a big role in the festive season. It’s juicy meats, crunchy roast potatoes, veggies, biscuits, yams and lashings of gravy. In Australia, if it’s too hot to cook inside, we might fire up...