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The Opposite of Chaos at Khaos Spice Diner in Kyoto

There are few things more delicious and comforting than a plate of curry rice. Such is my love for the stuff that it’s very possible I eat curry at least twice or thrice a week, but I have never sat down to...

Anonymous pleasures at No Name Ramen in Kyoto

Superlative ramen restaurants are a dime a dozen in Japan. Standing out from the competition is difficult when there are so many great places around, each with their own modus operandi and signature bowl of noodles. One thing that makes No Name...

Delicious Yakiniku at Hiro Beef, Pontocho

The Pontocho area is one of Kyoto’s go-to spots for food, drink and a dose of traditional Japanese aesthetic. Wander along the gently lit alleyways far enough and you’ll come across the charming Hiro Pontocho yakiniku restaurant. If you’re in the mood...