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The Garden of Fine Arts: Tadao Ando’s Quiet Gift to Kyoto.

There's every chance you haven't heard of The Garden of Fine Arts. Almost secretively, it lies hidden next to Kyoto's sprawling Botanical Gardens in the northeast corner of the city. However, if you fancy wandering through a project created by the same...

Kyoto’s Botanical Greenhouse: The Perfect Winter Warmer

Kyoto city sees its highest visitor numbers in spring, at the peak of cherry blossom season. Following this, the second-highest influx comes in autumn, just in time for fresher air and the magnificent red foliage. Most winter visitors to Japan come to...

Kyoto City Walking Tour: Concrete, Jungles and Kyoto’s Oldest Shrine.

View This Tour on Google Maps If you're looking for a relaxed-pace walking tour in the lesser-known northward districts of Kyoto city, look no further. Today's half-day walking tour can utilise the best of the fine, fresh weather...