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Crossing the Rainbow Bridge and Diving Into an Odaiba Tour

Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba
The artificial island of Odaiba is one of the primary leisure centers in Tokyo. Originally built for defensive purposes in the mid-19th century, the island was massively redeveloped in the 1990s and has become a popular site for shopping malls, museums, and...

Lose yourself in the Digital Landscapes of TeamLab Borderless

japanese lifestyle, art galleries, borderless
Not sure if you’ve heard, but the whole Tokyo city lights and neon thing is so passé. These days, you go indoors to see the coolest electric wonders in town. That’s all thanks to teamLab. This interdisciplinary group of artists, engineers, mathematicians,...

Hiroshima’s Many-Layered History: Tokyo to Okinawa Day 7

Amongst the different regional varieties of the savory pancake-like concoction known as okonomiyaki, connoisseurs frequently tout Hiroshima’s version as one of the best. In other regions, the cabbage, batter, vegetables and meat that form okonomiyaki get mixed together prior to cooking. In...