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Manshuin Monzeki: A Tale of Two Temples

Manshuin Monzeki Temple lies hidden in Kyoto's eastern hills, and is almost entirely overlooked by foreign tourists - solitude guaranteed!

Meet Daisetsuzan Mountain Range’s Panorama of Autumn Colors

Hiking in Hokkaido during autumn? Prepare for a spectacular display of colours at the Daisetsuzan Mountain Range. Autumn leaves are changing color in Hokkaido’s Daisetsuzan Mountain Range. Under a clear blue sky at Kurodake...

Hakuba’s Happo One Hike: Autumn Edition

Looking to stretch our legs on a recent trip to Hakuba, we weighed up the options available to us in October (hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, rafting) and settled on the Happo One ‘Nature Trail’ hike. There, we’d...

Higanbana Flower Viewing at Kinchakuda in Saitama

While most people associate spring with flowers, there are plenty of lovely blossoms blooming throughout autumn in Japan as well. My favorite of these are the mysterious, melancholy higanbana, also called red spider lilies. This flower, of the amaryllis family, is the...

Fantastic Florals at Nokonoshima Island Park

The Nokonoshima Island Park is a go-to spot for flower and nature enthusiasts on Kyushu. With sweeping views and hills blanketed in seasonal flowers, it’s one of the most charming day trips in Fukuoka. Amazingly, this attraction...