Hiking in Hokkaido during autumn? Prepare for a spectacular display of colours at the Daisetsuzan Mountain Range.

Hiking in Hokkaido: Daisetsuzan Mountain Range

Autumn leaves are changing color in Hokkaido’s Daisetsuzan Mountain Range. Under a clear blue sky at Kurodake (1984 meters) on September 16, one could see how the rowan and birch trees have beautifully tinted the mountain surface. 

Hiking in Hokkaido: Daisetsuzan Mountain Range

According to a spokesperson at the Kurodake Ropeway, the aerial lift line operating there, the view has been especially vivid in recent years.

From the 7th station of Mt. Kurodake to its summit, one is surrounded by an explosion of contrasting green, red, and yellow colors. There should be good views of autumn colors at Mt. Kurodake, starting from the foot of the mountain, through the first half of October.

Hiking in Hokkaido: Daisetsuzan Mountain Range

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Name: Mount Kurodake, Daisetsuzan Mountain Range
Location: Hokkaido Prefecture (map link)

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