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The Northern Lights in Tokyo!? Only at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

Winter may not be people's first choice of times to visit Japan's capital, but it sure has its perks. Sento, Christmas markets, Fuji views, hot pot restaurants—these are just a few of the cosy things to do in Tokyo during winter! And...

Umi No Hi Festival A Different Way to Experience Tokyo in the Summer

The Umi No Hi festival is celebrated by decorating the beach of Odaiba Bay with paper lanterns. The event name itself is interesting as it plays on the same sound of hi, which means both lantern, as in “Lantern of the Sea,” and day,...

Don’t Miss Tokyo’s Dreamiest Cherry Blossom Spot: Meguro River

Tiny and sweet, cherry blossoms are a sure-fire symbol of spring, and in Japan, their delicate blooms have been celebrated for thousands and thousands of years. Therefore, it’s no small wonder that Tokyo, the country’s most bustling city, has no shortage of...