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Late Night Eats at Ebisu Yokocho

By day, the neighbourhood of Ebisu hums with shoppers, museum-goers and the lunchtime office worker crowd. Then, as night rolls in, the area around the station takes on a more romantic look. Restaurant lights flicker on one by one, bathing the winding...

Doza and Shianbashi: Secret Shrines and Nagasaki Nightlife

I first stepped into Shianbashi, Nagasaki’s best nightlife area, around lunchtime. It was predictably quiet, with most places shuttered up after a long night’s trade. I would witness the infamous evening atmosphere a bit later on, but...

Exploring Local Nightlife at a Japanese Yokocho

For an authentic, down-to-earth Japanese dining experience, head straight for the nearest yokocho, or ‘alleyway’. These narrow streets, crammed with ramshackle izakaya, can be found all over the place and are as atmospheric as they are dingy. They offer a glimpse into...