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Phenomenal Ramen in the Suburbs: Shibasakitei in Umegaoka

With literally thousands of ramen restaurants in Central Tokyo and across the Greater Tokyo Area, you’d be forgiven for not wanting to make unnecessary journeys to suburban stations just for a meal. But if you’re willing to venture a little further afield...

Yes, Cold Noodles Are Cool: Sanpotei Tokyo Lab’s Hiyashi Tantanmen

Summer in Tokyo is deadly. We’re not even joking: hundreds of people in the capital suffer from heatstroke each year, and living here feels like a three month-long sauna session. Countering the heat and humidity therefore requires daily infusions of cold food...

Menya Saimi, one of the best ramen in Sapporo

best ramen sapporo
Japan’s diverse geography and climate are to thank for the array of regional cuisines and styles that have developed over generations. A visit to each region (and a glance at the souvenir stores) will quickly inform you of the beloved local specialties of the...