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Hearty Tsukemen in Akihabara: Menya Musashi Bujin

These days, ramen is a household name. But have you ever heard of tsukemen? It’s ramen’s brother from another mother, and definitely worth seeking out—especially while you’re in Tokyo. Though there are quite a few differences between the two (we’ll get into...

Pizza Toast and Kombucha at Café Benisica

Yurakucho's long standing Café Benisica launched the Japanese pizza toast craze Many wouldn’t immediately associate Japan with coffee, but just looking around, you can’t deny there is a real love for it. It all began after WW2 with the launch of traditional coffee shops called...

Motsuyaki Ban, Tokyo’s original Lemon Sour Bar

motsuyaki ban yutenji lemon sour bar
We head to the birthplace of the Lemon Sour, ‘Motsuyaki Ban’  The Lemon Sour, a staple of drink menus all across Japan. A little soda, simple syrup, lemon and shochu (a Japanese distilled spirit) go a long way to form a sour yet refreshing beverage...