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International Food in Tokyo: Injera, Poutine, and Pasta

Travelers visiting Tokyo are spoiled for options when it comes to Japanese food. From unrivalled sushi and tempura options to street food like yakiniku, there are more than enough options to keep you sated for the duration of the trip. However, if you...

Where to Catch Tokyo’s Food Trucks: Lunch at the International Forum

I'd committed the cardinal sin of time-strapped travellers everywhere: I'd slept in. And in the resulting mad dash to leave my hotel room, I’d skipped breakfast. Not a good start. However, my plans for the day had brought me into the heart...

Delicious French Fusion in Nakameguro

tokyo french restaurant nakameguro higashiyama la gueule de bois fusion cuisine
Outside the Nakameguro French Restaurant, La Gueule de Bois We visit Nakameguro French Restaurant La Guele de Bois for some pared back fusion cuisine. Truly one of the friendliest and most delicious French restaurants in Tokyo.  French cuisine in...