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The Idyllic Hills of Biei: Exploring A Hidden Gem by Bike, Day 2

Biei Itinerary Day 2
Good morning, Biei! At the end of our Day 1 article, we suggested a stay at a pension in Biei’s hills. If you are up to it, wake up just before sunrise and go for a little walk. If the conditions are...

The Idyllic Hills of Biei: Exploring A Hidden Gem by Bike, Day 1

biei cycling itinerary hokkaido
Biei lies in the foothills of Mt. Tokachi, an active volcano in central Hokkaido. It has become beloved for its pastoral scenery and a mysterious aquatic attraction, the Blue Pond, created by happy coincidence. With an area...

Three Days in Fukuoka: Food Stalls, Islands and Hakata Ramen

fukuoka itinerary
One of Japan’s 10 most populated cities, Fukuoka is a bustling, vibrant place. With white-sand beaches, blue water, fresh seafood and sumptuous Hakata style ramen, there's so much to do and eat that you'll likely want to return to sample it some...

Your Complete Nagasaki Itinerary: Hills, History and Happy Days

Located on the southern Kyushu Island, Nagasaki is a different kind of Japanese city. When the nation’s borders were closed to much of the world, it served as the main access point for foreign trade and the Chinese, Portuguese and Dutch influences...